Produce Basket - Fortnightly Subscription

Produce Basket - Fortnightly Subscription


As with the Monthly Subscription our basket delivery is a simple and convenient way for you to eat fresh picked, locally grown, in season vegetables that have been grown without any pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. The fortnightly subscription is a basket delivery every second week. 

We pick a prime assortment of available produce from our garden each fortnight. It is usually between 8 and 15 types of vegetables. You may receive food that you are unfamiliar with. This is kind of the fun part! If it’s a new product, we’ll happily provide recipes and suggestions. 

From time to time if we have the same kind of veg we may include vegetables from another grower we know and trust. We’ll always inform you of this and this helps you get to know other growers of good food in our region.

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Why a subscription?

We use our subscription as our organisation tool. We ask that the month’s delivery is paid for in advance so that we can organise our planting and harvesting schedules, it covers some of the upfront costs and we can concentrate on growing good food, knowing who wants what and when.

Your commitment to us provides us with stability and allows us a steady income over the growing periods and means less administration and more growing. Subscriptions are monthly and paid in advance.

We also offer our baskets fortnightly. A box every 2nd week for the month or season and we will only offer 20 subscriptions for the month so it’s first in first served.


Monday and Tuesday

Gundaroo, Bywong & Womboin
Monday 10am - 12pm

Tuesday 10am - 11am

Pick up

Produce baskets are available for pick up Saturday 12pm - 3pm from our Farm Gate Shop at the back of Some Café Collector. 

Farm Gate Shop
Bourke Street, Collector NSW 2581